Aléo Studio is built on a foundation of respect for the natural resources needed to create our garments and the people who make them. Sustainability is at the center of our brand's philosophy, and we treat every step of the production process with the utmost care for our team, customers, and the planet. Each Aléo Studio piece is a testament to our belief that conscious creation and consumption represent the future of fashion.

We cultivate close relationships with partners throughout our supply chain, all of whom share our dedication to expert craftsmanship and the highest standard of manufacturing. Our materials are sourced exclusively from local partners in Mongolia and Italy known for adhering to ethical and transparent practices throughout their supply chain. We diligently ensure that each team member benefits from fair labor practices, regardless of their position in the production line and their location in the world.

Aléo Studio’s organic cashmere is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard for Social and Ecological) or OEKO-TEX certified. These accreditations verify that our cashmere fabric is manufactured responsibly and adheres to a strict criterion that ensures the lowest environmental impact. Our eco-friendly dyes also meet high standards from an environmental and toxicological perspective, ensuring that their production is both safe for the environment and the wearer.