Our Premium Natural Fibres

We meticulously select premium fibers like Grade A organic Mongolian Cashmere, renowned for its luxurious feel, superior durability, and sustainability. Our selection also encompasses Italian Wool and Australian Merino Wool, recognized for their exceptional quality and eco-friendly attributes. Additionally, we prioritize eco-dyeing techniques, employing low-impact dyes and natural colorants to minimize environmental impact throughout our production process. 


Aléo Studio selects Grade A organic Mongolian Cashmere, recognized as the highest quality, with fibers boasting exceptional fineness and length. This grade ensures a luxurious feel, superior durability, and excellent shape retention, making it a worthwhile investment. By adhering to the highest standards, including third-party certification for organic authenticity, Aléo Studio prioritizes sustainability and craftsmanship, creating timeless pieces designed to last for years to come. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and meticulous production processes ensures that each garment upholds the essence of true luxury, embodying both tradition and innovation.


Italian Wool

Aléo Studio incorporates Italian virgin wool, sourced from sheep bred in Italy, renowned for its premium quality and luxurious and extremely soft texture. Italian wool, historically significant to Italy's wool industry since medieval times, undergoes meticulous craftsmanship to yield superior fur. The fabric offers various advantages, including hypoallergenic properties, breathability, and durability, making it an ideal choice for garments, notably trousers and jackets. Italian wool suits are distinguished by their stylish appearance and are considered a wise investment due to their resilience and resistance to wear. With its ultra-soft feel and eco-friendly characteristics, Italian wool reflects Aléo Studio's dedication to quality and sustainability in their material selections.

Australian Merino Wool

Aléo Studio integrates Merino Wool sourced from Australian Merino sheep, celebrated for its exceptionally fine, soft, and breathable characteristics, rendering it an ideal option for dynamic lifestyles. The key distinction between conventional wool and Merino wool lies in the fineness of the fibres; Merino fibres are notably finer, resulting in a lighter, more refined material that exudes luxurious softness and comfort. This inherent fineness also ensures that Merino wool remains lightweight yet highly efficient in providing warmth, making it suitable for year-round wear and layering. Aléo Studio's preference for Australian Merino Wool underscores their unwavering commitment to delivering garments of outstanding quality, performance, and environmental responsibility.


Aléo Studio embraces Italian cotton renowned for its exceptional quality, derived from superior grades with longer, stronger fibres, ensuring durability and softness in their products. Italian fabrics, crafted through traditional techniques, boast longevity and resistance to wear, aligning with Aléo Studio's commitment to premium materials and sustainable practices. With a focus on high-quality materials and time-tested production methods, Italian cotton exemplifies the brand's dedication to offering durable and luxurious products.


The art of eco-dyeing uses environmentally friendly methods such as low-impact dyes and natural colorants, to avoid heavy metals and toxic substances, conserve energy and resources, and reduce water waste by recycling wastewater. We ensure that a a closed-loop water filtration systems at the dye houses in order to recycle 70% of the water used during cashmere dyeing, minimizing environmental impact. We chose natural colorants sourced from plants, animals, and minerals as they offer a green alternative to synthetic dyes, meeting strict toxicity and biodegradability criteria. Further, the opt for the Hank dyeing techniques, despite requiring extra processing time, as it results in superior cashmere fibres with softer texture, stronger fabric, and better color control due to low-temperature dyeing. Throughout the production process, including dyeing, spinning, and engineering yarns, the focus remains on environmental consciousness, ensuring no harmful chemicals are used and pollution is prevented from entering water or air.