Aléo Studio is committed to honouring and respecting the natural resources required to create each piece and the people who make them. We treat each step of the production process with the utmost care for our team, customers and the planet. We ensure that fair labour practices are followed for each team member, regardless of their position in the production line and their location in the world. With each piece of every collection, we strive to remain as eco-friendly as possible. The majority of our garments and accessories are made with natural dyes and organic textiles, with exceptional traceability.  


Founded by a West-African Canadian woman, diversity and inclusion are at the core of Aléo Studio. From the small team in Toronto, Canada, to the manufacturers, photographers and models around the world - diversity and inclusion are a crucial component to brand's operations. It is a priority for anyone who interacts with Aléo Studio to feel accepted, valued, respected, represented and understood. Our Diversity & Inclusion Policy guides us to ensure these core values remain central to our ethos.